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If you crave a new venue for diving, windsurfing, golf, ecotourism, or are in search of France’s “best kept secret,” look at New Caledonia. Located in the heart of the South Pacific, this beautiful island is surrounded by an emerald green lagoon, the largest lagoon in the world with its breathtaking coral and marine life. Or you may want to hit the shops for designer labels. In harmony with the Melansian culture, the French have brought European style and elegance to New Caledonia. The “French ambience” is described by many as a taste of France in the South Pacific. This is the romance of New Caledonia.

To the south and east of the mainland lie the Loyalty Islands and the Isle of Pines. This enchanting island has been described as the “most beautiful island in the world” and “the closest island to paradise!” As beautiful under water as it is on land; it is a favorite spot for divers with its turquoise lagoon sheltering turtles, crayfish and myriads of tropical fish.

CLIMATE: The “land of eternal spring”, New Caledonia offers pleasant semi-tropical climate all year round.

LANGUAGE: French is the official language, however, English is also widely spoken.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Offering accommodations from 5-star hotels with meeting/conference facilities to quaint boutique and apartment hotels.

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: Americans are not required to secure a visa for stays of up to three months. A return/onward ticket and a passport must be valid for three months after arrival date.

For assistance with land arrangements you may want to contact USA-based tour operators specializing in the South Pacific.

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